Important Message to Faculty

Formaldehyde Use in Labs

Lab Continuity Planning: Is your ab prepared?

The Hidden Dangers of Complacency

Please Welcome Wendy Conner


Holden Thorp Introduction to Principal Investigator Laboratory Safety Responsibilities

Building cleared Sweeney Hall chemical spill project

Heating device may have ignited fire at NDSU’s Dunbar Hall

Investigation continues into cause of NDSU chemistry lab fire

Hazmat Units Respond to Chemical Fire in Regents Laboratory


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Important Message to Faculty

There is great honor and responsibility associated with being a faculty member with a research laboratory. Your influence goes beyond what is found in the textbook or what is taught in class. Your actions are closely watched by students emulating your actions as they model themselves after your in hopes of succeeding in research and the academic world just as their mentor did.

To read more about your responsibilities as a faculty member please click here. Also, please click here to view an excellent video summarizing the importance of laboratory safety by Holden Thorp, Provost at Washington University in St. Louis.

Formaldehyde Use in Labs


During 2017, Environmental Health and Safety conducted evaluations of laboratories on the IUPUI campus using formaldehyde. The evaluations were based on a questionnaire focused on labs that had formaldehyde in their inventory as of mid 2016.

Please click here to review our findings and find out our recommendations.

Lab Continuity Planning: Is your lab prepared?


Winter weather increases the chances for interruptions of lab activities. Interruptions may be triggered by lab flooding, loss of power or workers being unable to travel to campus. Low temperatures this winter have already resulted in frozen pipes and flooding in several buildings on campus. We have also experienced ice and snow that reduced the number of personnel able to reach campus.

Are you prepared? Please click here to read more about how to prepare your laboratory for emergencies.

The Hidden Dangers of Complacency

Many times we can become comfortable performing hazardous tasks in the laboratory and as a result complacency can set in. Complacency often results in failure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment because the task, although it involves potential exposure to hazardous materials, has become routine and the hazards are forgotten.

Complacency in the laboratory has resulted in numerous injuries. To read more please click here.

Please Welcome Wendy Conner

We have a new member of our Laboratory Safety team! Wendy Conner has joined us after Tuan Nguyen accepted a new role within our department. Please join me in welcoming Wendy.

To read more about Wendy please click here.


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